Send-Gun™ - Champagne Sprayer Gun

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A crazy new way to spray champagne that makes it even more fun and with less mess..!

The SendGun can be used one-handed, it’s comfy to hold, as well as being very controllable and efficient. It even works as a bottle stopper when you’re not using it, preserving your champagne to be enjoyed later on.

How to Use?

Simply open your bottle (Champagne, Beer, or any other carbonated drink) and attach it to your SendGun™.  Our design allows you to attach the Champagne Bottle Squirt Gun to any champagne bottle with ease. Just pop it in, snap it down and flip the entire thing over, and you're ready to blast! We've also designed the system to be safely removed when a bottle is still pressurized.

Share a bottle of champagne while not having to pour up a glass for each person, instead give them a drink with a spray to their mouth! 

  • Durable high-quality aluminum and brass construction
  • Throttling trigger for controlled spray up close or long distance
  • Contoured finger grips for comfortable single-handed operation
  • Doubles as a bottle stopper, keeping champagne fresh and bubbly
  • The adjustable system snaps onto any champagne bottle for immediate fun


We built this to be durable. Send-Gun™ is made from aluminum alloy!

Send-Gun™ will shoot any liquid with carbonation!

  • Fits Any Bottle

    Easily change the nozzle size to fit any bottle! 

  • Advanced Air-Tight Design

    Thanks to our advanced air-tight design, your Send-Gun™ will never leak! And your drink won't go flat!

  • 30 Feet of Range

    Your Send-Gun™ sports a whopping 30 feet of range! Get ready for the 30 Foot Chug Challenge!

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